koth_clearcut_b13 has been released and will be used in the upcoming season. Please ensure you have it downloaded and added to your servers. You can find the map download link here-



Matches Ain't a Medic

Roster Team Size: 10

  Name Paid Joined Left
Leader guitar 6/29/2019
Matches_ 6/29/2019
trobort 7/1/2019
Recurse 7/11/2019
Bird 7/12/2019
Goof Bucket 7/28/2019
Nighthawk 8/11/2019
xiPoison 7/28/2019
Flare 8/3/2019
QuKirby New
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Match Match Date Home Team Points Away Team
W1-A - Process 08/20/2019 10:30 PM EDT -
W1-B - Process 08/22/2019 10:30 PM EDT -

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